GPU.NET Version 2 Allows Developers to Code in Any .NET-Supported Language

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This week TidePowerd announced the Version 2 release of their GPU computing solution for the .NET framework, GPU.NET. The platform allows developers to quickly write GPU-accelerated applications completely in .NET-based languages.

Our core goal is to provide developers with powerful, yet easy-to-use tools for numerical and high-performance computing (HPC) – and to provide those tools with the best value and technical support possible. To this end, we’ve created GPU.NET, a system that allows developers to write their GPU code in any .NET-supported language (e.g., C#, F#, IronPython). GPU.NET opens up the exciting world of GPU computing to millions of new developers worldwide, and we hope it will help to make GPU computing more popular than ever before.

GPU.NET Verson 2 is now available for download.