Interview: Accelerating Science with GPUs

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In a recent interview feature, the CUDA Spotlight is on Dr. Vincent Natoli, president and founder of Stone Ridge Technology. Natoli is using GPUs to help his clients tackle science and engineering problems while maximizing their return on investment:

The ROI is going to vary for each company as the benefits and the costs of GPU computing will be weighed differently. In general, on the return side, applications that are memory-bound can see about a 6X improvement and compute-bound applications can see from 8X to over 20X. Cost savings are realized by getting answers more quickly and in reducing infrastructure footprint and power budget. That savings is worth differing amounts to a firm in finance, oil and gas or bioinformatics. On the cost side there are direct costs like the hardware and code ports and indirect costs like potential inefficiencies introduced by changes to the IT infrastructure. For a data point on the cost of porting, optimizing, validating and integrating code, our projects range in duration from three to nine months.

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