Interview: Cray's Bet on Resilient HPC Pays Off

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In this interview with Primeur Magazine, Cray’s VP of Products Barry Bolding discusses how the company has enjoyed growth over the past year as a result of meeting its reliability goals with the Cray XE6:

Last year when we talked here at ISC in Hamburg we introduced the Cray XE6. One thing I would like to say is that this product introduction has gone very well. We delivered and installed many systems last year and now we are growing our customer base. The Cray XE6 is a very popular product. It’s very stable and very reliable. In fact, our reliability figures have gone up significantly. We are hovering typically in the 99.5 % of system reliability metrics, and now we are selling into the manufacturing space where you need the high reliability and you need the high performance. We just announced a system sale to General Electric, which is a good example of how Cray is getting back into manufacturing just like it used to be in the very early days.

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  1. El XE6 Cray es un producto muy popular. Es muy estable y muy confiable. De hecho, las cifras de fiabilidad se han incrementado de manera significativa. Estamos rondando por lo general en el 99,5% de las métricas fiabilidad del sistema, y ahora estamos vendiendo en el espacio de fabricación donde se necesita la alta fiabilidad y que necesita el alto rendimiento.