Court Battle on BASH IP Could Rock Your HPC Datacenter

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Douglas Eadline sent us this story about a court battle over Bash scripts going on in Kansas right now that could have major implications for your linux cluster. In this case, Linux cluster vendor Atipa Technologies is claiming all the Bash scripts they shipped to customers contain trade secrets and were stolen by former employees. According to Eadline, a ruling in Atipa’s favor could blanket the fundamental idea of shared and open software with the simple claim of trade secrets.

Throughout the development of open source and HPC clusters, there have been companies and individuals that enter the market and believe they can just lay claim to the techniques and methods pioneered by those that came before them. These predators believe that because someone decided to share their work, in an effort to move the market/community forward for everyone, they have a right to call it their own. Run, don’t walk, away from these organizations. The HPC community knows how to share and make money. A $25 Billion dollar market has been built on that concept.

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