HPC News with Snark for Aug. 26, 2011

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On a bit of a vacation, I’m reporting today from that noted international hotbed of HPC activity known as Wautoma, Wisconsin. I tell you this because apparently AT&T has never heard of it.

Here’s the HPC News with Snark for Aug. 26, 2011:

  • Big Blue Builds Big, Big Data. IBM is building a 120 Petabyte storage cluster for an undisclosed customer. Strapping together 200,000 disk drives, the storage cluster reportedly smashes all records by a factor of 10.
  • Supercomputer Spots Supernova. The nearest-neighbor supernova ever, PTF 11kly, was discovered with the help of supercomputers at NERSC. Using a robotic telescope at Palomar to scan the night sky, astronomers transfered data more than 400 miles to NERSC. Within hours of identifying PTF 11kly, this automated system sent the coordinates to telescopes around the world for follow-up observations. It hasn’t blown up yet, but you can watch it in the night sky in the next couple of weeks.
  • Cloud Farmer in the Dell. Quocirca founder Clive Longbottom writes that a series of acquisitions has boosted Dell’s Cloud credentials in a big way. And now, through their alignment with Microsoft Azure and support of OpenStack, Dell is suddenly one to watch in the Cloud space.
  • Roadshows and Webinars. Summer is winding down and the vendors are bringing on the shows:
    • Hyperworks 11. Altair is doing a series of seminars on Hyperworks 11, open-architecture CAE solution. They also have posted a pre-recorded webinar if you can’t wait to hear more.
    • pNFS – Are we there yet? Panasas has posted a recording of their recent webinar on pNFS, where you’ll learn what pNFS is, how it works, and when you can get it.
    • Simulate Reality with MSC Software . If reality is not enough for you, this webinar will show you how to simulate it with advanced thermal modeling tools for Aerospace, Automotive, and Green Energy Applications.