Intel Readies Skylake, Skymont Micro-Architectures for 2018

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The German site Computer Base is reporting that Intel intends to release Skylake and Skymont code-named microprocessors using 14nm and 10nm process technologies sometime in the 2015 – 2018 timeframe.

The long-term road maps from the server area are designed for different plans. Among other things, it is about increasing the network bandwidth in the coming years. With PCI Express 3.0, the first step with “Romley” is accomplished, to use when using two processors, and therefore many lanes dual LAN connections at 40 Gbit / s possible. Next to PCI Express 4.0 this value to dual LAN with 100 Gbit / s increase, which could be used for the first time “Skylaks” from 2016.

It is unclear as the the source of this roadmap, but chip watchers will undoubtedly flush out more details at the upcoming Hot Chips conference in August. Read the Full Story.