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ORNL Slide Deck Reveals Details of 20 Petaflop Titan Super

Now that IBM Blue Waters has been canceled, you may be asking what US system will be the first to reach 10-20 Petaflops? In this slide deck from ORNL’s Bronson Messer, it’s clear that the Titan supercomputer is sure to make Oak Ridge a contender in 2012.

Unlike Jaguar, Titan will be a GPU-accelerated system.

Titan will be an upgrade of Jaguar with 9X the performance. Jaguar is currently the #3 system on the TOP500.

Interesting–Titan will eventually feature “Kepler” many-core accelerator nodes from Nvidia. Can you imagine AMD and Nvidia together in world’s fastest system? It could happen. Download the Slides (PDF).


  1. MySchizoBuddy says:

    how far away if PCIe Gen3 from commercial deployment?


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