ORNL Slide Deck Reveals Details of 20 Petaflop Titan Super

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Now that IBM Blue Waters has been canceled, you may be asking what US system will be the first to reach 10-20 Petaflops? In this slide deck from ORNL’s Bronson Messer, it’s clear that the Titan supercomputer is sure to make Oak Ridge a contender in 2012.

Unlike Jaguar, Titan will be a GPU-accelerated system.

Titan will be an upgrade of Jaguar with 9X the performance. Jaguar is currently the #3 system on the TOP500.

Interesting–Titan will eventually feature “Kepler” many-core accelerator nodes from Nvidia. Can you imagine AMD and Nvidia together in world’s fastest system? It could happen. Download the Slides (PDF).


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  1. MySchizoBuddy says

    how far away if PCIe Gen3 from commercial deployment?