Video: Story of Panasas Starts at the Labs

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In this video, Panasas co-founder and CTO, Dr. Garth Gibson, talks about the early days at Panasas and how the company grew to be successful with its high performance parallel storage for technical computing applications and big data workloads.

Panasas is also sponsoring a pNFS webinar on Wednesday, August 24th at 10 am PDT:

NFS has been the standard protocol for network-attached storage (NAS) systems since the 1980’s. However, with the explosive growth of Linux clusters running demanding technical computing applications NFS is no longer sufficient for these big data workloads. Championed by Pananas and others in the storage industry, Parallel NFS (pNFS) is a key part of the new NFS 4.1 standard and is poised to dramatically improve Linux client I/O performance thanks to its parallel architecture. After many years of development effort, pNFS is now just around the corner and should be available in 2012 for production use. Please join us on Wednesday, August 24th at 10 am PDT for a pNFS primer – what it is and how it works, followed by a status update of the industry-wide rollout of pNFS.

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