Moving Compute for a Greener Future

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In a recent interview in EarthSky magazine, AMD Fellow David Mayhew describes a research collaboration that’s helping plan how to build a network of data centers powered by wind and solar energy.

What if you could rent access to computation from a bunch of data centers sitting out in fields next to windmills? Then, first, you don’t own the computer anymore, and it’s not really your problem to keep it running and keep it from having viruses. And you’re not upgrading it. You would just have this ubiquitous access to computation. That would be a much better model, I think, for most users, whether personal users or business users. Let’s turn computation into something that’s a lot like electricity. We use it but leave its creation to a relatively small set of very expert people.

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  1. So does this mean AMD will go out of business faster? Who cares what processor is in the data center if you are just buying “electricity”. We all know if is pure commodity, low price wins. And Intel has all the muscle in the world to crush AMD in a price war. Bad idea for AMD. Maybe they should censor their own people