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Barry Bolding Interview – Interconnects

The Exascale Report: Will interconnect be part of the solution or part of the problem as we move toward exascale?

Bolding: In our view, interconnects are the lifeblood of any kind of exascale system. Scalability is what we build our systems to do – it is Cray’s bread and butter – it’s our value proposition – that we actually build systems that can run applications to scale – and that means production applications – not just Linpack or just a few kernels, we build systems to run full applications to scale – and there are few interconnects – certainly there are no commodity interconnects that today run petascale applications – and so for exascale – we believe the challenge will be to provide production networks and the software that builds on top of those that will allow people to run their applications to scales that they haven’t to date been able to.

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