Contrail Readies Single-click Cloud

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The Contrail project is out this week with an announcement that their single-click Platform as a Service cloud (ConPaas) will soon be ready for testing. Contrail is a large European project in which eleven organisations from six countries collaborate to transform the current heterogeneous Cloud into a federated, easy accessible homegeneous environment. ConPaaS is the first part of the software stack that Contrail will produce.

Here’s where ConPaaS comes in: it provides Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in a new and easy way”. Need another webserver? Just click +1 in the webserver menu. Need 100? Guess what you need to type. You can bring up PHP, Java Servlet and Database engines in no time with just a click of your mouse. ConPaaS bundles all relevant data in one screen and makes resources available with just one click.

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