Lustre 2.1 is Out, First Major Release with OpenSFS Hosting the Master Codeline

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Today Whamcloud announced the release of Lustre 2.1 with better control over virtualized storage and wider platform support. Here is the lowdown:

  • Lustre 2.1 available immediately on Whamcloud servers
  • Release includes interesting user-requests features including bigger drives and RHEL support
  • Community contribution rules have been simplified

This is the first full release of Lustre with Whamcloud and OpenSFS hosting the master codeline.

This has been a lot of work to complete the release, and I am delighted that it has paid off. I think this demonstrates Lustre is very much alive and this release will be the baseline for all the upcoming Lustre features we have in the pipeline,” said Peter Jones of Whamcloud, who has served as the Release Manager for Lustre 2.1.

insideHPC would like to congratulate Whamcloud and the Lustre community on this, the first major release of Lustre since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun and Lustre. It took a village to come together and bring this out, and the future of the Lustre file system now looks brighter than ever. Read the Full Story.