TACC's Stampede a "Home Run" for Intel's MIC

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Joe Curley writes that the the Intel’s future MIC architecture has won its first home run with yesterday’s announcement that TACC will build a 10 Petaflop Dell supercomputer accellerated by Knights Corner.

We believe the decision to build “Stampede” based on Intel Xeon processors E5 family and Intel MIC architecture based “Knights Corner” is a recognition of the advantages that standardized, high-level CPU programming models bring to developers of highly-parallel computing workloads. Being able to run the same code on both Intel Xeon processors and “Knights Corner” co-processors should allow developers to reuse their existing code and programming expertise which leads to greater productivity. Also, since Knights Corner is based on fully programmable Intel processors, it can run complex codes that are very difficult to program on more restrictive accelerator technologies.

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