Video: Power and Cooling at Texas Advanced Computing Center

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In this video, TACC’s Tommy Minyard presents: Power and Cooling at Texas Advanced Computing Center. The presentation was recorded at the HPC User Forum in San Diego on Sept. 8, 2011 as part of the Dell panel discussion on Power and Cooling. Download the slides (PDF).


  1. Are these slides parked someplace? Unfortunately the floorplan for “Data Center Now” is shown only momentarily around 6:37.

    Interesting talk with some areas for questions:
    –CFD used to model airflows? Thermal imaging was interesting.
    –didn’t appear that their was row containment
    –voltages to rack currently?
    –power cost per kw-hour?
    –if the whole campus not just the computer center, is out of chilled water and the campus is charged for peak usage, why not remote the computing and use Research/Education fiber to connect to the remote site?