Fujitsu Launches Exabyte FEFS File System Based on Lustre

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Today Fujitsu announced the launch of FEFS, a scalable file system software package for building file systems for x86 HPC clusters in Japan. Based on the open sources Lustre file system with proprietary feature enhancements added by Fujitsu, FEFS supports a wide range of systems.

FEFS is software for x86 HPC cluster systems that enables high-speed parallel distributed processing of very large amounts of read/write transactions from the compute nodes. The software achieves the world’s highest throughput speed of 1 TB/s from the compute nodes to the file system. In addition, it includes superior features for system scalability, high reliability for zero operational downtime, and actual operational convenience. It delivers high speeds and large-scale data processing performance increasingly demanded of file systems in accordance with performance improvements and increases in the scale of cluster systems.

As shown in this slide from SC10, Fujitsu uses FEFS on the 8 Petaflop K supercomputer, which is currently the fastest machine on the Top500. With this announcement, the company is offering file system solutions that combine its PRIMERGY x86 servers, ETERNUS storage, and the new FEFS. Read the Full Story.