Fujitsu Poised to Take K Computer to International HPC Market

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Bloomberg BusinessWeek is reporting that Fujitsu hopes to nab $2.6 billion worth of supercomputer orders from the Japanese government in the next five years, but it’s not stopping there. The company is close to releasing its K supercomputer to an international market hungry for it’s extreme bandwidth and computational efficiency.

Fujitsu is preparing the K supercomputer for export by developing a system to help evaluate performance of individual machines, Yamamoto said. The offering can be delivered unit by unit, allowing it to scale its processing power to customer needs, he said. The company is also counting on rising sales from so-called cloud services, which allow clients to outsource data centers and other computing resources and access them online. Fujitsu predicts such revenue will triple from the current fiscal year to 300 billion yen in the 12 months ending March 31, 2013.

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