HPC Cloud Coming to Thailand

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The Nation that Thailand’s National e-Science Infrastructure Consortium is in the process of developing an HPC grid to support research, e-science, or an e-science infrastructure.

Nectec director Pansak Sirirutchatapong said the consortium would develop infrastructure to support e-science, so that researchers and organisations would be able to analyse large amounts of data, such as that from projects in genomics, weather analysis, water management, agriculture, nanotechnology and biotechnology. This will elevate and enhance the country’s scientific knowledge base and create social and economic benefits.

The grid will initially comprise a 240-core compute cluster to support the project by the end of this year and will reportedly be upgraded to a 512-core machine in the future. According to the National e-Science Infrastructure Consortium site, the cluster will enable Thai scientists to collaborate with CERN on the LHC project. Read the Full Story.