No Apology HPC

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Srini Chari from Cabot Partners takes umbrage with the notion that HPC is not one of the most transformational trends in IT today. In fact, the upcoming SC11 conference will demonstrate that the supercomputing community is as vibrant as ever:

By IT standards, the HPC community is relatively small – about 15,000 or so practitioners attend the annual Supercomputing event. This year’s event is in Seattle and starts on November 12. But HPC practitioners have very broad shoulders and with very keen and incisive minds and a passionate demeanor not unlike pure mathematicians. Godfrey H. Hardy – a famous 20th century British mathematician – wrote the Mathematician’s Apology – defending the arcane and esoteric art and science of pure mathematics. But we as HPC practitioners need no such Apology! We refuse to be castigated as irrelevant to IT and big IT trends. We are proud to practice our art, science, and engineering. And we have the grit, muscle and determination to continue to ride in front of big IT trends!

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  1. Wait…who said that HPC is not one of the most transformational trends in IT? I want to meet that guy