Whamcloud to Support Lustre at NASA Ames

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Today Whamcloud announced a five-year Lustre support contract with the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Lustre plays an important role at NASA, and this is certainly a big win for Whamcloud.

File systems and supercomputers are evolving separately, and integrating multiple generations of hardware and software is a requirement for the NAS facility. We have moved to a data-centric model where the file system is a standalone component that persists between generations of supercomputers. Lustre is the key element to make this work,” said Bob Ciotti, supercomputing systems group lead and lead system architect for the NAS Division. “Our plan with this effort will allow for better operational continuity as we continue to evolve our super-scale computational environments.”

Pleiades is NASA’s largest system, ranking 7th on the TOP500 with 110,000 cores and nearly 10 PB of storage. Read the Full Story.


In case you missed it, this insideHPC video features NASA’s Bob Ciotti presenting: Pleiades – Field Experience On A 10,000+ Node Subnet. Recorded at the 2011 Open Fabrics International Workshop in Monterey.