Long Odds Coming in for SC11 Student Cluster Competition

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The wajers are starting to come in for the SC11 Student Cluster Competition, which kicks off next week. Dan Olds from The Register has been following this sporting event for a few years now, and today he looks at what the long odds are telling us from his betting site:

The first thing that jumps out at us is that the Texas Longhorn team is still the overall favorite by a wide margin. There are a few reasons behind this. First, it’s a competitive team that scored the overall highest LINPACK in the 2010 SCC (breaking a teraflop) and came close to winning all the marbles. We also see that Texas fans are shameless ballot box stuffers, practicing the time-honored tradition of voting early and often. Fair enough. They’re also doing their share of trash talking.

There’s still time to lay down your own SCC bet. Do you think Texas will rule? Or do you think Team Taiwan or Team China will dominate? Can Purdue or Colorado use their vast experience to finally capture the championship? Or will one of the dark horses like Team Russia or Boston U come out of nowhere to win? Perhaps you think we’ll hear the triumphant scree of the Rainforest Eagles? Read the Full Story and Place Your Bet.