Bring an Umbrella to SC11

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Not that we should be surprised, but the forecast calls for rain at SC11 in Seattle. Bring an umbrella, folks!


  1. ugh…totally rainy right now. Boy do I miss Austin and New Orleans SCs…but guess what?? next it’s Salt Lake City and then it’s Denver!?! So now we will have ice and snow to deal with until we get back to New Orleans again for 2014.

    I hope we don’t lose our amazing HPC researchers as they try to navigate their cars in the snow…I don’t forsee good times.

  2. Jason Riedy says

    It’s back down to a strong mist. Not so bad, but it’s quite chilly out. The wind on the ferry is hurricane strength. It’s fun for people-watching.

    Weather overall seems fine. Spent today mostly wandering Seattle and Winslow on Bainbridge Island. Only needed my umbrella twice. (Wouldn’t do anything against the heavy mist.)

  3. Glad the weather wasn’t too bad. Still nervous about SLC