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Colfax Goes Cluster Ready with Xeon E5

Intel’s Cluster Ready program continues to make life easier in the HPC ecosystem. You’ve gotta like that. This week Colfax International jumped on the bandwagon with the CX-2290JF-X5 Cluster, which starts shipping sometime next year.

Based on the Intel Server System H2000 family, the CX-2290JF-X5 offers support for up to 8 future Intel Xeon E5 processors in a 2U form factor. Built for the HPC market, the Colfax CX-2290JF-X5 system offers 2X floating point operations per clock cycle via support of Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) and provides a maximum memory bandwidth of up to 1600MHz. QDR Infiniband is available. The certification as an Intel® Cluster Ready system indicates that the CX-2290JF-X5 is built according to the Intel Cluster Ready specification and rigorously tested and verified for component interoperability. Customers can have confidence that a cluster built on this system will work as it should, boosting productivity right away.

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