Colfax Goes Cluster Ready with Xeon E5

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Intel’s Cluster Ready program continues to make life easier in the HPC ecosystem. You’ve gotta like that. This week Colfax International jumped on the bandwagon with the CX-2290JF-X5 Cluster, which starts shipping sometime next year.

Based on the Intel Server System H2000 family, the CX-2290JF-X5 offers support for up to 8 future Intel Xeon E5 processors in a 2U form factor. Built for the HPC market, the Colfax CX-2290JF-X5 system offers 2X floating point operations per clock cycle via support of Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) and provides a maximum memory bandwidth of up to 1600MHz. QDR Infiniband is available. The certification as an Intel® Cluster Ready system indicates that the CX-2290JF-X5 is built according to the Intel Cluster Ready specification and rigorously tested and verified for component interoperability. Customers can have confidence that a cluster built on this system will work as it should, boosting productivity right away.

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