Gallery of Top 10 Supercomputers on Earth

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The TOP500 may have been a bit anticlimactic for some this year, but I still find the list to be a fascinating snapshot of the state of HPC today.

Rich Miller from Datacenter Knowledge brings us this photo gallery of the Top 10 supercomputers in the world. If they look familiar, that would be because they’re the same 10 machines that topped the list back in June.

Awarding of Certificates for No. 1 System in the 38th TOP500 List. From Left to Right: Dr. Hans Meuer, Dr. Jack Dongarra, Corporate Vice President Kenji Ikegai (Fujitsu), Dr. Tadashi Watanabe (RIKEN), Dr. Erich Strohmaier, Dr. Horst Simon

Here’s one more factoid I got from Jack Dongarra this week: The #1 K computer from Fujitsu has more flops than the #2 through #8 supercomputers combined.