Out of Capacity? Try Cloudbursting with Bright Computing

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Last week had the opportunity to sit down with the folks from Bright Computing to talk about their cluster management software. In the wake of a recent announcement that IBM will soon acquire Platform Computing, Bright sees a real opportunity to align with some of Platform partners who might be averse to doing business with Big Blue.

Bright is not sitting still either. This week the company announced the Bright Cluster Manager 6.0, which supports a new capability “cloud bursting.”

For organizations not currently using HPC, Bright Computing’s approach makes HPC more accessible by lowering the barrier to entry. For those already using clusters, Bright makes it fast and easy to extend and manage these systems in the cloud, enabling customers to dynamically add capacity or GPU capabilities as needed.

How does cloud bursting work? In partnership with Amazon Web Services, Bright Cluster Manager enables customers to create new clusters in the cloud, or add cloud-based nodes to existing clusters. With Bright Cluster Manager 6.0, onsite clusters are automatically cloud-ready, at no extra cost.

Bright opened my eyes to a different approach to cloud bursting,” said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research. “Bright has found a way to implement cloud as an extension of the local cluster, with a single, consistent interface.”

Bright Computing will demonstrate cloud bursting at Booth #2734 at SC11. Read the Full Story.