Place Your Bets for the SC11 Student Cluster Battle in Seattle

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The SC11 Student Cluster Competition is always fun to follow, but now you do a little virtual wagering to make things really interesting. Dan Olds from Gabriel Consulting Group has set up a betting site where you can test the odds for the Battle in Seattle.

There are lots of intriguing matchups, and plenty of angles for bettors to figure before laying their money down. The odds listed below are the opening odds – they’ll change over time as we get closer to kickoff. At the competition, the Overall Winner and the team posting the highest LINPACK score are recognized. The Overall Winner is the prize that everyone is chasing.

What will change them? You will. You can put some virtual money where your mouth is by ‘betting’ on which team is going to have the highest LINPACK number and which team will take the overall prize. Click on this link to let us know how you think it’ll turn out.

Right now, your smart money looks to be on National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan at 4:1 odds. These guys won last year, but I hear some of the other teams are talking trash. Remember, it’s never over ’till it’s over! Read the Full Story.