Print 'n Fly Guide to SC11 Seattle

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We are pleased to announce the Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC11 Seattle. Sponsored by Cray Inc., this in-flight magazine is custom-tailored for your trip to the biggest Supercomputing conference ever.

As a destination city, Seattle has much to offer in the way of sights, food, and entertainment. But when we asked a Cray employees for their recommendations, they really stepped up with lots of great tips for a fabulous week.

We hope that you find this Print ‘n Fly magazine useful. Besides entertainment guides, we’ve included feature interviews as well as a science fiction original story I wrote that takes place at an SC conference 20 years in the future.


  • Welcome Letter – Peter Ungaro, President and CEO, Cray Inc.
  • Executive Interview – Peg Williams, Senior Vice President HPC Systems, Cray Inc.
  • Interview – Doug Miles, Director, The Portland Group
  • Interview – Steve Scott, CTO, Tesla Business Unit, NVIDIA
  • Interview – Jack Wells, Director of Science, NCCS at ORNL
  • Interview – Peter Ungaro, President and CEO, Cray Inc., on TITAN
  • Restaurant Reviews – Trey’s Corner: local foodie reviews the best Seattle has to offer
  • Best of Seattle – Cray employees share their favorite spots for food, coffee, and more
  • SCI-FI OriginalThe Three Gifts of the Magi by Rich Brueckner

Download the PDF (15 Mbytes).


  1. Love the guide