Sponsored Post: Welcome to Seattle – Peter Ungaro, CEO, Cray Inc.

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By Peter Ungaro, President and CEO, Cray, Inc.

On behalf of everyone at Cray, let me be the first to say, welcome to Seattle!

People often think of Cray as a Midwest-based company, and while we still maintain a large presence in St. Paul, Minnesota and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Seattle has been home to our company’s corporate head- quarters for more than 10 years now. Actually, we like to think that Cray has three hometowns! As the HPC industry descends upon Seattle for the 2011 Supercomputing Conference, our Seattle-based “Crayons” are very excited to be the unofficial hosts this year.

If the 23 previous conferences are any indication, this 24th annual gathering will successfully continue the great tradition of showcasing the best our industry has to offer. Each year brings another opportunity to col- lectively discuss, explore and experience the latest trends in HPC. This year is no exception as we analyze the merging of scientific simulation and big data – an exciting topic that will no doubt be talked about this week and for years to come.

SC is also a great time to have fun and celebrate our industry. Last year, we did this with gumbo, po’ boys and hurricanes. This year, we get to enjoy salmon, crab, microbrews, Washington wines and, of course, great coffee!

Seattle is a beautiful city, even in November, so enjoy your time here and be sure to visit some of the many sights, restaurants and entertainment options Seattle has to offer. A few of our Seattle Crayons have even shared some of their favorites to help guide you to some of the can’t-miss spots.

Enjoy Seattle and welcome to SC11!

Reprinted from the Print’nFly Guide to SC11 Seattle, an in-flight magazine custom-tailored for your trip to the biggest Supercomputing conference ever. Download the PDF (15 Mbytes). If your IT crowd blocks Dropbox, please Download here.