The Future of Benchmarks – Slidecast and Whitepaper

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In the enterprise world, few things are as competitive as TPC (Transaction Processing) benchmarks. When the fastest machine wins the deal, the rules, procedures, and setup of individual benchmarks translates into truly high stakes.

In this video, Meikel Poess, co-chair of the TPCTC 2011 Council, presents: The Future of Benchmarking – Three Novel Concepts Presented at the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s Technical Conference (TPCTC 2011).


The ever-evolving technological landscape is challenging industry experts and researchers alike to develop innovative and increasingly powerful compute systems. Rapid improvements in transistor density, disk capacity and performance enable new innovations in system designs, system architectures and algorithms that can manage and query large amounts of data very efficiently.

As new fields of research emerge, adapting existing benchmarks (or creating entirely new benchmarks) becomes necessary. This paper examines three novel concepts for expanding the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s existing set of benchmarks (TPC-C, TPC-E and TPC-H), as presented at the TPC’s 2011 Technical Conference.

The ideas proposed within this paper are actively influencing the TPC’s direction, in terms of future benchmark development, and include:

  • Extending TPC-E to Measure Availability in Database Systems
  • Introducing Skew into the TPC-H Benchmark
  • Metrics for Measuring the Performance of the Mixed Workload CH-benCHmark

Researchers and industry experts who would like to offer feedback, or propose new ideas for TPC benchmark development, are encouraged to contact the author, Meikel Poess, at (meikel [dot] poess [at]

Download the Slides (PDF) and the Whitepaper (PDF).