Video: HPC Advisory Council at SC11

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In this video, Gilad Shainer from the HPC Advisory Council describes the organization’s efforts to share best practices and do outreach and education . The Council is an active supporter of the Student Cluster Challenge at SC11 and ISC’12 and recently became the recipient of Intel’s Explorer Award:

The HPC Advisory Council has been honored with the ‘Explorer Award’ from the Intel Cluster Ready team at Intel, which recognizes organizations who have continued to explore and implement Intel Cluster Ready certified systems. The award was given as a result of the numerous joint activities between the HPC Advisory Council and Intel Cluster Ready, such as testing and benchmarking applications on Intel Cluster Ready certified clusters, developing documents and best practices for implementing open source applications on Intel Cluster Ready certified clusters, and extending Intel Cluster Ready’s reach into HPC end-user audiences.

Read the Full Story or register for the HPC Advisory Council Stanford Workshop, which takes place Dec. 6-7, 2011.