Video: Interactively Visualizing Science at Scale at SC11

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In this video, TACC’s Dr. Kelly Gaither presents: “Interactively Visualizing Science at Scale” at SC11 in Seattle.

Visualization is one of the most important and commonly used methods of analyzing and interpreting digital assets. For many types of computational research, it is the only viable means of extracting information and developing understanding from data. However, non-visual data analysis techniques—statistical analysis, data mining, data reduction, etc.—also play integral roles in many areas of knowledge discovery.

In partnership with Dell, TACC has deployed Longhorn, the largest remote, interactive visualization and data analysis system in the world providing a comprehensive suite of large-scale visualization and data analysis services to the national open science community. Additionally, TACC has also deployed the largest tiled display in the world to date and a number of other large scale displays. This talk will provide an overview of Longhorn and TACC’s tiled displays and current science being enabled by the provision of these resource and associated services.

Dr. Gaither does a great job of explaining visualization in a way that even the layman can understand. Great stuff!