Video: Mathworks GPU Roundtable at SC11

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In this video, panelist from the Mathworks GPU Roundtable at SC11 discuss direction and HPC challenges and the gap between software and hardware, cloud, and the future of GPUs. I was only able to catch the last 18 minutes of the discussion, but I think panelists all did a great job.

Panelists (left to right):

  • Professor Anne Trefethen is a Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre. Before joining Oxford Anne was Director of the UK e-Science Core Programme, having been the Deputy Director for four years. The Core Programme focussed on the generic issues for e-Science applications and Grid infrastructure through the development of appropriate middleware and infrastructure in collaboration with UK industry.
  • Jerry Chen is responsible for strategic alliances for NVIDIA’s HPC business, including responsibility for NVIDIA’s partnership with the MathWorks. Prior to NVIDIA he was a developer for Abaqus (SIMULIA), and holds a Masters of Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.
  • Chris Willard is Chief Research Officer at Intersect360 Research, where he leads the demand-side and supplier-driven data analysis practice for Intersect360 Research’s forward-looking market intelligence subscription service. In addition, he supports a range of client-specific services including custom research studies and strategic consulting.
  • Jos Martin is currently the principal architect for parallel computing tools at MathWorks, leading the team that develops infrastructure and tools for enabling parallel computing within the MATLAB environment.
  • David A. Lifka is the Director of the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing and the Director of Research Computing at Weill Cornell Medical College. Lifka was recently named Coordinator of Architecture and Design for the NSF’s XSEDE program.