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Video: SC11 Technical Program Has an Eye on Building Better Benchmarks


We all hear about how benchmarks don’t tend to reflect real-world performance, but what can be done about it? In this video, Dan Olds interviews the SC11 Technical Program Co-Chairs: Bill Kramer and Jim Costa. Topics of discussion include a series of sessions this year that will present techniques for measuring actual thoroughput and the modeling of anticipated throughput.

Read the Full Story at The Register.


  1. John Bray says:

    That video jumps out of my Google Reader feed on Chromium and cannot be closed. Are you or the register sending dubious code?

    • Hi John,

      Sorry you were having trouble. The URL for this video has an ampersand at the end, and that seems to be the culprit. I use Chrome as well, and the ghost window seems to be gone now. –Rich

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