HPC People on the Move – Barrenechea Leaves SGI for Open Text

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It’s me again–Dr. Lewey Anton. I’ve been commissioned by insideHPC to get the scoop on who’s jumping ship and moving on up in high performance computing.

SGI’s CEO Mark Barrenechea has resigned and is taking on a new role as CEO of Open Text. The resignation is effective January 1 and Chairman of the Board Ronald Verdoorn will serve as interim CEO.

This was kind of a shocker as SGI seemed to be doing very well financially of late. So, if you’re like me, you might be wondering what Open Text does. I pulled this description from their web site, but I’m afraid I’d need a supercomputer to translate what it means:

With 17 years experience, OpenText stands unmatched in our understanding of ECM. Our comprehensive OpenText ECM Suite is a reflection of our ECM expertise, enabling you to control the risk and cost related to your content, empower your people and foster decision-making, stimulate agility and innovation, and provide a compelling experience to your end-users. Furthermore, it increases process efficiency, improves user and team productivity, addresses compliance requirements, reaches new customers, and better serves existing ones.

Aren’t we glad we cleared that up? Where did they get this white board picture, from a strip club?

Good luck with that Mr. Barrenechea. Start by turning their web site into something resembling English.