Video: Writing Code to Survive the Manycore Revolution

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In this video, Francois Bodin from CAPS Entreprise presents: Writing Code to Survive the Manycore Revolution.

Pushed by the pace of innovation in the GPU architecture and more generally the manycore technology, the processor landscape is moving fast. This fast evolution makes software development more complex. Furthermore, the impact of the programming style on future performance and portability of the application is difficult to forecast. The use of directives to annotate serial languages (e.g. C/C++/Fortran) looks very promising. They abstract the programming of low-level parallelism details while preserving code assets against the evolution of processor architectures. In this presentation, we describe how to use the HMPP (Heterogeneous Manycore Parallel Programming) API, one of the directive-based approaches, to program heterogeneous compute nodes. In particular, we provide insights on how GPU / CPU can be exploited in a unified manner and how code tuning issues can be minimized. We extend the discussion to the use of libraries that is currently one of the key elements when addressing GPU and manycores.

Recorded at the GPU Technology Conference in Beijing on Dec. 15, 2011.