Bright Cluster Manager Powers Astrophysics at UNIVAP

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Today Bright Computing announced that Instituto de Pesquisa & Desenvolvimento — Universidade do Vale do Paraíba (IP&D-UNIVAP) is running Bright Cluster Manager on its new hybrid HPC cluster. Used by UNIVAP’s Astrophysics department to simulate the dynamics of colliding galaxies and cosmological structure formation, the cluster was installed, configured and tested in less than five hours.

We were looking for a cluster management solution that would remove the complexity of managing our CPU/GPU cluster,” said Dr. Irapuan Rodrigues, professor of Physics at UNIVAP. “We are researchers, not sys admins, and prefer to spend our time on science. We chose Bright because it’s efficient, easy to learn and use, and takes little of our time to get the most out of our HPC cluster. Further, we needed a solution that would easily scale as we expand our system. Bright’s unified environment is a big advantage for us.”

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