ICERM Workshop Focuses on Power for Future Supers

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Jeremy Hsu from MSNBC writes that even if we could build an Exascale computer today, powering the thing would require the output of the Hoover Dam. To discuss these challenges, researchers gathered at a workshop held by the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) at Brown University recently.

We’ve reached the point where existing technology has taken us about as far as we can go with present models,” said Jill Pipher, director of ICERM. “We’ve been increasing computing power by 1,000 fold every few years for a while now, but now we’ve reached the limits.”

The article goes on to discuss hybrid architectures with Nvidia’s Steve Scott, who describes how $100K Petaflop machines could be made available to researchers in the near future.


  1. Somehow you managed to take a news item about ICERM and still manage to make it all about Steve Scott. Might you consider posting a link to actual content about this ICERM workshop rather than giving even more advertising space to NVIDIA (who I assume pays you handsomely for mentioning them at every possible turn)?

    • Jeff Science, It looks like ICERM was a worthwhile event and I will certainly put it on the radar for next year.

      And for the record, Ralph’s story quoted Jill Pipher, director of ICERM while paraphrasing Steve Scott, who predicted a $100K Petaflop supercompuer. Such a machine would be certainly notable in my book.