Luxtera Opens Processes, Spurs Silicon Photonics Ecosystem

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Luxtera is looking to spur a new ecosystem by opening up its unique Silicon CMOS Process, which integrates photonics with transistor-based electronics. Today the company announced it will open its CMOS Photonics device library to Optoelectronic Systems Integration in Silicon (OpSIS), a foundry service that “provides access to optoelectronic integrated circuits to the community at large, at a modest cost.”

We are thrilled to be able to offer our community access to Luxtera’s unique process. It provides the opportunity to leverage the significant investment and maturation of the world’s first production proven CMOS Photonics design flow,” said Michael Hochberg, director of OpSIS and associate professor at the University of Delaware. “We believe that this will significantly accelerate the growth of the Silicon Photonics ecosystem. I’m particularly excited that this process will offer both academic and industrial users a chance to leverage a full electronics PDK as well as yield models for the key photonic components in order to accurately predict the performance and yield of complex systems-on-a-chip. I see this as a major step forward for the field as historically much of the innovation has been centered on process development. We’re now moving into an era where Silicon Photonics can enable a great deal of innovation at the system and architectural level.”

Luxtera CEO Greg Young said here is significantly more market opportunity than the company can service directly: “In working with OpSIS we are able to advance the wide scale impact of our Silicon Photonic offering as well as push the envelope for future commercialization.”

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