Three Issues that Stymie HPC Growth

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Douglas Eadline over at HPC Admin writes that while the HPC market has come along way in the last decade, the same three issues continue to impede the full potential of the market: the last mile problem, the lack of a missing middle infrastructure, and a lack of focus on parallel software.

The absence of a missing middle infrastructure has stymied the growth of this sector. Addressing this audience (see The Council On Competitiveness) can have a huge effect on both the HPC market and the entire economy. Again, the solution lives across the industry but has less to do with peak FLOPS and more to do with effective FLOPS. Reducing the “barriers to effective FLOPS” benefit all HPC vendors, but no vendor has taken on this role in the industry, nor should they. Just like the last mile problem, the problem of the missing middle spans the entire market.

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