Avere Systems Speeds Moviemaking via the Cloud at Digital Domain

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Today Avere Systems announced that Digital Domain Productions is using the company’s optimized NAS solutions via the Clou to access massive amounts of computer-generated imagery data. Digital Domain, known for its effects in films like Titanic, TRON: Legacy and Real Steel, uses render nodes co-located in Las Vegas, which access data stored at its locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver and turn it into media frames.

We couldn’t do this without Avere in the picture,” said Mike Thompson, Sr. Systems Engineer of Digital Domain. “The WAN latency would have killed the applications’ IOPS to the filers. We simply wouldn’t have been able to render frames remotely. In order to grow, we would have been forced to increase our data center footprint in cities with much higher costs for space and power.”


Thompson estimates that with Avere, Digital Domain reduced its latency to 0.1 millisecond, which translates into 250x faster performance. Read the Full Story.