Bielefeld GPU Super Simulates the Big Bang

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Nvidia’s Axel Koehler writes that Bielefeld University’s new GPU-powered supercomputer is being used to dive deep into the physics of matter in the moments after the Big Bang. Built with the help of NVIDIA and SysGen, the system uses 400 GPUs to crank out 500 Teraflops of processing power–125 times the performance of the university’s 4,000 Gigaflops supercomputer, which was built in 2005.

We are excited about the new possibilities the GPU-cluster will bring to research”, says Edwin Laermann, a professor of  theoretical physics at Bielefeld. “Using GPUs in this system also means lower power consumption for better energy efficiency.  We have been working with CUDA for some years and this had a strong bearing on our decision to use NVIDIA GPUs.”

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