Multi-core ARM Gets OpenCL Compiler from The Portland Group

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Today The Portland Group released an OpenCL compiler for Multi-core ARM processors.

The PGI OpenCL framework combines PGI compiler technologies developed and honed in the high-performance computing (HPC) market with the royalty-free OpenCL standard,” said Teppo Hemia, Head of Platform Business and Architecture at ST-Ericsson. “It enables ST-Ericsson customers to start developing and porting applications on NovaThor using OpenCL as a way to exploit today’s multi-core CPUs while maximizing code re-use opportunities for the upcoming CPU/GPU heterogeneous multi-processor systems.”

With their extreme energy efficiency, ARM processors are seen by many as a potential building block for Exascale supercomputers. While not unexpected, this move by PGI takes us one step closer. Read the Full Story.