Project Will Meter Energy Usage of European HPC Rampup

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A new European Commission-funded project aims to tackle the energy-efficiency implications of increasing investment in new HPC datacenters. On the heels of the EC announcement of increased HPC investments in the region, the main goal of the three-year CoolEmAll Consortium is to increase understanding of how different factors impact energy-efficiency.

The project will develop two key tools to allow others to leverage the research done by the CoolEmAll Consortium.

  • Simulation, Visualisation and Decision support (SVD) toolkit. The SVD toolkit is a real-time CFD tool that will allow datacenter planners to model the energy efficiency implications of physical placement of servers within a facility, different approaches to cooling, as well as the role played by applications and workload.
  • Blueprints/designs of energy-efficient hardware. As a set of open source designs, Blueprints will be based on a high-density server known as the RECS|Compute Box developed by German start-up Christmann informationstechnik. These designs, along with the SVD toolkit, should al

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