Slidecast: Solarflare ApplicationOnload Engine for On-the-Fly Processing of Network Data

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In this slidecast, Mike Smith from Solarflare describes the company’s ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE), a new platform that moves application processing into the network adapter for applications that rely on real-time, high-performance network data.

Our new ApplicationOnload Engine is a new class of product that results directly from interaction with our end-user customers. Our engineers have worked closely with these customers to create a platform that leverages OpenOnload’s proven framework for creating a direct path from applications to the network, and incorporates on-the-fly processing of real-time network data,” said Russell Stern, CEO at Solarflare. “This solution provides not only the lowest latency and highest message rate network I/O performance, but achieves an unparalleled boost in application performance, all while maintaining a seamless, compatible interface with our existing server adapter products.”

Solarflare’s AOE combines a fully featured 10GbE server adapter with a state-of-the-art FPGA that provides a seamless, low-latency network interface to the host server and application processing. According to Smith, AOE is an open platform that utilizes applications developed by Solarflare, its customers, and third-party developers.

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