Speed Tips for Optimizing HPC Server Memory Configurations

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HP’s Marc Hamilton has posted some of the important things to remember when specifying server memory configurations for HPC configurations.

Choosing the right memory configuration for your next server can have a significant impact on application performance. Long gone are the days when all you needed to do was specify memory size based on simple “GB per core” rules. Yet I am surprised how many customer RFPs still have little in the way of memory requirements besides capacity. The DIMM type, number of memory channels, DIMMs per channel (DPC), DIMM size, DIMM speed, and channel speed can all impact application performance, often resulting in 33% or greater variation in application performance, even with two identical servers configured with exactly the same memory capacity.

It’s great to see more and more Sun HPC Alums out there like Marc, John Fragalla, and Axel Koehler out there blogging their know-how on high performance computing! Read the Full Story.