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Torsten Hoefler Wins 2012 SIAG/Supercomputing Junior Scientist Prize

NCSA’s Torsten Hoefler, who leads application and system performance modeling and simulation efforts for the Blue Waters project, has been selected as the recipient of the 2012 SIAG/Supercomputing Junior Scientist Prize. The award honors distinguished contributions in the field of algorithms research and development for parallel scientific and engineering computing.

Hoefler’s research revolves around performance-centric software development and deals with scalable networks, parallel programming techniques, and performance modeling. He received the award at the 2012 SIAM Parallel Processing Conference, at which he gave a presentation about his research work title Performance-oriented Parallel Programming: Integrating Hardware, Middleware and Applications.

Abstract: Parallel programming is hard, optimizing parallel programming is even harder, and writing optimal parallel programs is nearly impossible. Optimizing communication in parallel programs routinely requires dealing with low-level system details. We show portable abstractions that enable transparent optimizations but require advanced techniques in the lower layers. We conclude that scaling to larger machines demands a holistic approach to integrate hardware, middleware, and application software to develop performance-portable parallel programs.

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  1. Congrats to Torsten, he deserves it.

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