Xcelerit Bundles SDK with PEER 1’s Cloud-based Supercomputer

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Since 2010, PEER 1 has offered HPC in the cloud, supplying on-demand access to machines equipped with high-end CPUs and GPUs. Today, Xcelerit announced they will offer their SDK on HPC instances from PEER 1.

Our SDK makes life easy for programmers who are domain focussed and don’t want to become expert in different parallel programming techniques”, commented Xcelerit’s CEO Hicham Lahlou. “They can concentrate on their problems in finance, engineering or whatever and we will take care of the software performance”, he said.

To get the ball rolling, Xcelerit and PEER 1 are offering qualifying prospects a starter bundle that gives users access to a PEER 1 Private GPU node with the Xcelerit SDK and supporting tools already installed. Read the Full Story.