Dell Spikes Xeon E5/R Servers with Nvidia GPUs

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Today Nvidia announced that, for the first time ever, the company’s GPUs will be available in Dell PowerEdge rack and tower servers. Tailor-made for technical computing, the new servers combine 512-core Nvidia Tesla M2090 GPUs with the latest Intel Xeon E5/R CPUs based on the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture.

GPU computing is growing in demand and adoption based on its ability to provide a unique combination of ultra-high performance and energy efficiency,” said Virginia Swink, executive director of Dell Server Solutions. “Integrating accelerator technologies in Dell’s PowerEdge portfolio opens up new usage models, and extends our ability to deliver more cycles to a broader base of scientific and commercial users.”

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  1. The demand is growing for GPU servers, while the footprint continues to shrink. It is amazing that you can put 3 or 4 GPU Tesla Processors inside a 1 or 2U box.. And still have room for Dual Redundant power supplies, 4 Drives and a ton of memory.