Digipede Eases Grid Deployments for Windows

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This week Digipede Technologies released version 3.0 of its award-winning grid software solution for the Microsoft Windows platform. With increased performance and new compatibility with the latest Microsoft technologies, Digipede Network 3.0 offers customers more flexibility and deployment options.

We’re pleased with the continued positive market reception for our grid computing solutions,” said John Powers, President of Digipede. “This release is both a continuation and a departure for us. In past releases, we’ve emphasized the importance of tools for developers that make grid-enabling applications easier than any other high-performance computing platform – and that continues in 3.0. But we’ve also placed more effort this time on providing additional options for deployment, to benefit IT staff at our customers. By enabling Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) throughout our system, we’ve not only improved performance – in some cases, quite significantly – but we’ve greatly expanded the deployment scenarios that can be supported for enterprise and cloud installations.”

Digipede also announced new customer wins at Lockheed Martin and Barrie & Hibbert. Read the Full Story.