Interview: Hartmut Kaiser on the HPX Runtime System from LSU

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In this story, John Moore over at Intelligence in Software interviews LSU’s Hartmut Kaiser on the HPX runtime software package, a modular, feature-complete, and performance oriented representation of the ParalleX execution model targeted at conventional parallel computing architectures such as SMP nodes and commodity clusters.

ParalleX — and the runtime system — is something completely new, which means it’s not the first-choice target for application developers. On the other hand, we have at least three groups that are very interested in the work we are doing. Indiana University is working on the development of certain physics and astrophysics community applications. And we are collaborating with our astrophysicists here at LSU. They face the same problem: They have to run simulations for months, and they want to find a way out of that dilemma.

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