Podcast: Big Science Challenge Awards Time on 30,000-core Cluster for Stem Cell Research

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In this podcast, Jason Stowe, CEO of Cycle Computing and Victor Ruotti from the Morgridge Institute for Research discuss the outcome of the Big Science Challenge 2011. As the winner of the contest, Ruotti will be awarded $10,000 of computation time, the equivalent of eight hours on a 30,000-core cluster. The contest was open to all applicants working on behalf of non-profit organizations to further humanity and state of the art research using utility supercomputing.

The high throughput computing power of CycleCloud will enable the classification of currently uncharacterized cell types, including hES cells and iPS cells from our laboratory,” said Victor Ruotti, computational biologist, Morgridge Institute for Research. “The transcript profiles from each cell type will be analyzed and compared by aligning billions of sequencing reads in combinatorial pair wise steps. By doing so, we will create the first read level index to yield classified cellular derivatives along with methods to produce these cell types in a laboratory setting which could become potential therapies of the future.”

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